Carolco Pictures Inc. was an entertainment company that produced, financed and leased motion pictures for exhibition in domestic and foreign theatrical markets and for later worldwide release in all media, including home video and pay and free television.
Carolco had strong relationships with talent, writers, directors and producers. These relationships, coupled with projects with broad-based commercial appeal, resulted in the production of some of the highest revenue grossing movies ever made, including Terminator 2, Basic Instinct, Cliffhanger, Total Recall and the Rambo franchise. In connection with various transactions, Carolco obtained control of fifteen motion pictures from Vista L.P. and various development projects from the former DEG.

Carolco previously sold sequels/remakes rights to certain of its top pictures, including Terminator 2 and Basic Instinct. However, other Carolco sequels/remakes are available for purchase, as well as Vista sequels/remakes. In addition, there is a significant selection of Carolco and DEG development projects. Some of the projects of interest include LA Story (particularly as a television series), sequel/remakes rights to This Is Spinal Tap and development project Duke & Fluffy.

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